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2D Twins Face Comparison and Error Finding   Rajib Saha,Debotosh Bhattacharjee and ShombhuNath Ghosh

2D Twins Face Comparison and Error Finding

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes a curvature-based corner detector that detects both fine and coarse features accurately at low computational cost. First, it extracts contours from a Canny edge map. Second, it computes the absolute value of curvature of each point on a contour at a low scale and regards local maxima of absolute curvature as initial corner candidates. Third, it uses an adaptive curvature threshold to remove round corners from the initial list. Finally, false corners due to quantization noise and trivial details are eliminated by evaluating the angles of corner candidates in a dynamic region of support. This book proposes a method to extract the feature points from faces automatically. It provides a feasible way to locate the positions of two eyeballs, near and far corners of eyes, midpoint of nostrils and mouth corners from face image. This approach would help to extract useful features on human face automatically and improve the accuracy of face recognition. The experiments show...
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