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Form Processing System for Hand-filled Forms in Gurmukhi Script   Dharam Veer Sharma

Form Processing System for Hand-filled Forms in Gurmukhi Script

228 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Forms are information carriers and frequently used for collecting data from different sources for processing on computer. Forms may vary from paper based to online. Manual keying-in of data costs in terms of time and money. Reading of data from paper based forms requires converting the form data into digital format, which can be recognized and processed by computers. This can be done by feeding the forms to a system which recognizes the image of the form and converts it to fields consisting of set of characters. Various processes are applied on this digitised data to convert it into an editable form. Technological advances have made it possible to use automated systems for converting paper based form images to editable form. Form processing system has wide applications in census data collection, banking system, tax payments, postal systems, educational institutes, various service commissions etc., where huge volumes of forms are received for data processing and analyses. For fast...
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