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Green ICT Implementation in Developing Nations   Franklin Wabwoba and Samuel Mbugua

Green ICT Implementation in Developing Nations

240 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Though ICT is contributing to the economy associated with innovations, inventions and rapid development in almost all aspects of human life, it is also responsible for climatic degradation. The rapid increase of ICT usage means more costs of doing business, energy consumption, and more environmental challenges. The rapidly changing technology and lack of their understanding has put a lot of pressure on both management and ICT personnel to implement them on a trial and error manner. This has limited the gains meant to be obtained from green ICT. The lack of appropriate alignment between the ICT personnel capacity and the workplace readiness poses more environmental and unsustainable resource utilization challenges. The book was informed by the G-readiness model. It discusses the green ICT technologies, the personnel awareness of green ICT, green ICT maturity, and workplace readiness for green ICT and the perceived barriers to green ICT implementations. It explains the extended...
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