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How to cope with an Intractable Problem   Debajit Sensarma,Krishnendu Basuli and Samar Sen Sarma

How to cope with an Intractable Problem

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Two-level logic minimization is an attractive topic in the active research domain and it is a central problem in logic synthesis, as well as in reliability analysis and automated reasoning and other real life applications. But, this Two-level logic minimization problem involves computationally intractable problems and many heuristic approaches have been developed to cope with this problem. This book contains the work which deals with the Two-level logic minimization problem using a popular data structure called Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) which is an important family of data structures that have rapidly become the method of choice for representing and manipulating Boolean Functions inside a computer. Also the implicit set manipulation techniques based on BDD could be used with success to compute the sets of Prime and Essential Prime Implicants of Boolean Functions for which these sets are too large to be explicitly built. So, this feature of BDD, the proper variable ordering of the...
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