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Software Re-use   Basem Alkazemi and Peter Lee

Software Re-use

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although software re-use is beneficial to software development, its advantages tend to be hidden by the lack of support offered to re-users. Current repository systems are still far behind achieving the full support that would encourage re-use. The problems encountered by re-users originate from the lack of precise characterization for software components. Currently, components are loosely characterized based on their functionality, which is neither sufficient nor accurate at the moment. In this book, Alkazemi has coined the notion of architectural interface that made a positive contribution to the field of software re-use. The work is a significant step forward in into the development of an ideal repository system that can fully support re-using software components. This book will be of interest to computer scientists and anyone interested in the possibilities and opportunities opened up by this new sector of activity
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