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Modelling And Simulation Of Mobile College Portal for Institutions   Fatai Sadiq

Modelling And Simulation Of Mobile College Portal for Institutions

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research identifies the new mobile trends in computing, in the research we employed applied research by using questionnaires distributed among undergraduate students to find out whether mobile college portal using application that runs on mobile platform was already in place, and how efficient the existing conventional portal was. The study employed object oriented analysis and design (OOADM) methodology by simulating the outcome with Sun Micro System simulator to produce a mobile platform that will permit students to pay there school fees, submit assignment using the mobile platform. It further compared the result obtained with that of Drexelone mobile portal lunched at Drexel University in United State, in 2002 the portal developed here differs from that of drexelone because it provides multi-payment services and run on any phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Symbian etc that are Java enabled. The result obtained shows that the system is promising. And that the use of mobile has...
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