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Low bitrate video compression by content characterization   Marc Decombas

Low bitrate video compression by content characterization

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The objective of this book is to find new methods for semantic video compatible with a traditional encoder like H.264/AVC. The main objective is to maintain the semantic and not the global quality. A target bitrate of 300 Kb/s has been fixed for defense and security applications. To do that, a complete chain of compression has been proposed. A study and new contributions on a spatio-temporal saliency model have been done to extract the important information in the scene. To reduce the bitrate, a resizing method named seam carving has been combined with the H.264/AVC encoder. Also, a metric combining SIFT points and SSIM has been created to measure the quality of objects without being disturbed by less important areas containing mostly artifacts. A database that can be used for testing the saliency model but also for video compression has been proposed, containing sequences with their manually extracted binary masks. All the different approaches have been thoroughly validated by...
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