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Consumer Acceptance of online Stores' in Bricks and Clicks e-commerce   Md. Fazley Elahi Chowdhury

Consumer Acceptance of online Stores' in Bricks and Clicks e-commerce

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With each new reported failure of Pure-play e-tailers, there is a growing recognition that the Internet is unlikely to displace traditional channels anytime soon, at least in the world of business to consumer e-commerce. Rather, a number of traditional enterprises have moved to integrate e-commerce into their channel mix, using the Internet to supplement brick and mortar retail channels. Electronic commerce researchers, use terms like "click and mortar," "bricks and clicks," "surf and turf," "cyber-enhanced retailing," and "hybrid e-commerce," now consider the combination of physical and web channels to be a distinct electronic commerce business model. To avail that opportunity, Japanese Convenience store (JCVS) have formulated a business to consumer e-commerce model where customers can place order online, pay by either cash or credit card and pick up the products at the nearest convenience stores. Although rapid growth has been witnessed in this area, online sales volumes for the...
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