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Robot Control via a Radio Link   Wadee Halabi

Robot Control via a Radio Link

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Robotics & education, computers & communication, electronics & large system integration are the art of control and the heart of robotics. Students, kids, teenagers as well as enthusiasts all over the world are fascinated with robots, the secrets beyond, and the future of this field. When an individual reads about robots or watches a movie or hears a story, curiosity is ignited to understand the dynamics, mathematics, mechanics and control of this human-like machine. There are several hundred books scattered all over the globe discussing robotic technology. It is a very promising topic for researchers to develop a powerful and intelligent machine. Scientists and industry look for systems smaller in size, lighter in weight & less in power consumption, but higher in performance and more accurate in achieving goals. Kids however, look for an easy-to-use human-like toy. Enthusiasts and gadget collectors might seek some adventures and challenges, but all...
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