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Ontology-Based Automated Test Oracle Comparator for Web Applications   Sheetal Kudari

Ontology-Based Automated Test Oracle Comparator for Web Applications

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Traditional test oracles have two problems. Firstly, several test oracles are needed for a single software program to perform different functions and maintaining a large number of test oracles is tedious. Secondly, testers usually test only the important criteria of a web application, since its time consuming to check with all the possible criteria. Ontologies have been used in a wide variety of domains and they have also been used in software testing. The main idea of this book is to define a procedure for how ontology-based test oracle automation can be achieved for testing web applications and minimize the problems of traditional test oracles. The included steps in procedure: first, the expected results are stored in ontology A by running previous working version of the web application; second, the actual results are stored in ontology B by running the web application under test at runtime; and finally, the results of both ontology A and B are compared. Evaluation includes how the...
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