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Bespoke Technique For Copyright Digital Images & Secure Communication   Mahimn Bhupendrabhai Pandya,Ashish Jani and Nalin Jani

Bespoke Technique For Copyright Digital Images & Secure Communication

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Digital assets are very easily communicated publically usable communication channel. They are subjected to various types of threats. There are existing protection mechanisms with limitations. There is constant need to minimize the limitation to improve status of protection mechanism and secure communication. For this to happen, the current work has its contribution to enhance the protection by way of improvement in watermarking techniques and its implementation. The improved technique - Digital Watermarking Algorithm Using RMI as watermark is one of the outcome of this work. In order to protect and enhance security of secret message during its communication on public channel the domain of steganography is extended incorporating innovative technique - Text File Embedment Technique for Digital Watermarking and Secret Messaging. As per the thumb rule, by increasing the complexity in an algorithm, the security level can be increased. The proposed work is maintaining the tradeoff between...
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