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Discrete Event Systems Applied in Medicine   Calin Ciufudean

Discrete Event Systems Applied in Medicine

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Discrete event systems (DESs) represent an important chapter of artificial intelligence and have applications in several domains ranging from technical sciences to social sciences, environmental surveillance, and health care. The ideas and approaches described in the book are the result of the author’ practice in production (over 15 years), in scientific research and university education (over 11 years), and they deal with general aspects of discrete event modelling of medical diagnosis, as well as some peculiarities from non-typical application in medicine. Discrete Event Systems Applied in Medicine will provide you with valuable insights into modelling and evaluation of models, methods and applications necessary for an effective implementation of DESs formalisms in medicine. People with diverse background like research, academia, etc., can take advantage of this book and can shape a new way of analyzing discrete event systems and their applications in medicine.
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