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Collaborative Process Optimization Approach for Maritime Operations   Kishore Kosuri and Kay Fjortoft

Collaborative Process Optimization Approach for Maritime Operations

196 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Collaborative Approach is Key for Process Management. In the maritime transportation sector, collaboration is very much evident as intersection between various elements associated with it such as business processes (or service management), software tools (or technologies) and users. As a result, collaboration is crucial either to make good plans that are aligned with the different stakeholders or can be used as a tool for deviation management if such a thing occurs. Usually, the maritime shipping operations are carried out both on ship and also by various bodies affiliated with port and terminal services. However, establishing collaboration between operations and tools is often challenging as they are two very different disciplines. Therefore, the knowledge gathered via intersection of software engineering and processes involved holds the means for establishing the collaboration between the service providers and potential users. In this Book, a methodology called Process Centric...
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