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How to Design a Simple Recommendation System for any Large Database   Hosein Jafarkarimi,Mohammad Dalvi Esfahani and Robab Saadatdoost

How to Design a Simple Recommendation System for any Large Database

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Huge databases are being used in organizations to store data. These databases contain hidden patterns which can be discovered and used in the organization in different ways. In this book, a mechanism is proposed to discover hidden patterns in any large database in order to be used in a recommendation. This book, focused on circulation database of a library to discover and present related items. However, this technique could be used in other databases. The model is really simple and could be applied in any database to make a recommendation list and present it to users. In addition, a novel rule matrix is presented to store the found rules for future use. Both the list for recommendation and rule matrix are useful to construct a recommender system.
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