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Low Earth Orbit Remote Sensing Satellite   Somaia Mohamed,Ahmed Tobal and Ibrahim Qamar

Low Earth Orbit Remote Sensing Satellite

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Telemetry Module plays an important role to monitor the satellite health and status of operation by gathering the telemetry data from sensors distributed among the satellite subsystems in addition to the telemetry frames collected periodically from other subsystems to reflect their status and sequence of operation. The telemetry module keeps all data while being in orbit till the satellite communicates with ground control segment to download all the stored data. The analysis of the downloaded data enables the operator to plan for the satellite operation and solve the satellite health problems. This work is organized as follows: Chapter one demonstrates simple space missions, satellite classification and a brief description of the simplest small satellite anatomy.Chapter two is a literature survey for similar published systems.Chapter three explains in brief the design problem and describes the design and implementation procedure which is used till the proposed telemetry...
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