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Success Factors in Information Systems Outsourcing   ILKAY VURAL

Success Factors in Information Systems Outsourcing

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the literature, outsourcing projects are mainly examined for setting fundamental theories related with the success criteria in Information Systems (IS) outsourcing. When we further investigate the projects stated in the literature, we can see that they are mainly from developed countries, usually focusing on one side (success or failure) and reflecting an example from either single or multi- vendor relationship (not both). In this book, you will find a comprehensive literature review for the analysis of main success factors in IS outsourcing in all over the world but more importantly the analysis of an interesting case study from a developing country, Turkey. The case is remarkable for all professionals who want to analyze both the success and failure factors of IS outsourcing since after a bright start, the project was almost terminated but later it started again and finished successfully. In addition to this characteristic, the study also gives us an...
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