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Voting Software for Mass Elections   ARADHANA GOUTAM and Siddhartha Goutam

Voting Software for Mass Elections

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Elections form the core of democratic society and, as such, are of monumental importance in democratic world. . In order for an election to remain truly democratic, it must uphold four critical properties: privacy, incoercibility, accuracy and verifiability. In this paper we analyze threats against these properties during the three phases of an election (voter registration, casting votes, and tabulating votes), highlight specific ways voting systems have been compromised, summarize the weaknesses of current voting techniques, and give assurance to voters to ensure their votes are handled properly in upcoming elections. For an election to serve its purpose in a democracy, it must guarantee four properties: • Privacy — voters have the right to keep their ballots secret. • Incoercibility — voters cannot reveal the contents of their cast ballots. • Accuracy — the final tally is the actual sum of all cast ballots. • Verifiability — voters can prove to themselves that their...
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