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Building a GUI for Nuna's Mission Control   Isha van Baar,Zakaria el Bakkali and Eveline van der Schrier

Building a GUI for Nuna's Mission Control

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the history of the World Solar Challenge, a six day challenge from Darwin to Adelaide, one car has proved to be dominating: the Nuna Solar Car. This car is redesigned every two years by students of the Delft University of Technology who call themselves the Nuon Solar Team. They have won the challenge five times. At every update, new stunning specifics are revealed. The car can lose weight, have a better engine or simply have a better solar cell surface. However, often one factor for success is underestimated: forming the race strategy by keeping track of what happens inside the Nuna is crucial for well thought decisions. Before this project, all data would be monitored in a telemetry application, called Mission Control after Nuna’s chase car. However, it turned out that this application is not extendible or maintainable at all and that knowledge from its code was owned by only one person, responsible for the strategy. This is exactly the problem that the Nuon Solar Team has faced...
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