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Government Informatics   David Gichoya

Government Informatics

328 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As nations embrace e-government, the economic justification of ICT projects is not the problem, at least for now. The problem now is the failure of these projects that may then lead to wastage of resources. Current literature shows that governments in developing countries face more challenges than developed countries when implementing ICT projects. Though literature on e-government has been increasing over the years, there is little literature on its implementation in developing countries. This book reviews the variables affecting the implementation of e-administration in a developing country with special reference to Kenya. An e-administration implementation framework is developed as a tool in this research. The framework is composed of a checklist, a strategic planning model and a set of recommendations and guidelines. The separate recommendations and guidelines document is appended and may be removed or copied for use. There is need to achieve the best possible implementation...
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