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Managing Spam Through Mapping Anti-Spam Software to E-Mail Policy   Stein Mkandawire

Managing Spam Through Mapping Anti-Spam Software to E-Mail Policy

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The emergence of unsolicited commercial electronic mail (UCE) also known as spam in 1978 has become a big global problem. What is being experienced now is that the numbers of unsolicited commercial electronic mails are increasing each year. With increasing number of spam e-mails, organizations and nations are making efforts to evolve strategies to manage the scourge. In this book Mkandawire Stein looks at designing a framework for eveluating the performance of anti-spam software tools with the major aim of mapping the anti-spam software functionalities to the e-mail acceptable use policy (eaup) in order to reduce spam on Exchange Server 2003. The book begins with an overview of what e-mail is and its attributes, covering the history of Spam and the impact of spam on organizations. New in this edition Importance of training e-mail users Definitions of e-mail and e-mail spam Origins of spam This book''s approach to spam management Mapping strategies Mkandawire Stein O.C. is the...
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