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Dynamic Software Review Model   Fida Hussain and Muhammad Saeed Shazad

Dynamic Software Review Model

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The confrontation between the software professionals and legacy system is one of the major issues in the software engineering field. Efforts made in this regard for the formation of the Re-engineering process. The modern software industry is producing quality oriented software rather they go only for producing mere software. The re-engineering process is developed for the evolution of legacy software products in the current cutting edge global scenario; besides other this specific area lacks some compact review and inspection precautions. The authors of the research focused their efforts on the missing corners of inspection and review the robustness is obtained through incorporating each state of the art method in the process while taking care for the project variation under the harmonious flexibility .Initially the idea is planted in the student’s project’s soil. The result may be helpful in the desire for efficient review and inspections contribution in software re-engineering...
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