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Adoption and Usage of Internet in Small to Medium-sized Enterprises   Japhet Eke Lawrence

Adoption and Usage of Internet in Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

348 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information technology, particularly the Internet has the potential to radically change the way business is conducted, offering a competitive edge and a gateway to the global marketplace. The explosive growth and commercialisation of the Internet has opened up a vast arena providing more opportunities for businesses, particularly SMEs to sell their products and service to a global audience than they would have be able to afford to reach using the traditional methods. Drawing on case studies of SMEs, the book addresses the critical issues of the opportunities and the risk involved in technology adoption as they move into a new electronic business environment. It generates a grounded understanding of the factors that influence adoption and use of Internet technology, such an understanding has been absent from the research and practice discourses on the use of Internet technology in SMEs. The book addresses technology adoption and diffusion in organization in general and SMEs in...
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