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Automated Negotiation Based on Virtual Intelligent Agents   Arash Bahrammirzaee and Kurosh Madani

Automated Negotiation Based on Virtual Intelligent Agents

392 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The increasingly progress in computer science and information technology allowed to deal further with complex systems and in closer respect with real-world application. This, in turn, has led to suggestion of software agents, which has been, thereafter, widely used. With the increasing interest on software agents, the "Automated Negotiation" has become a very popular topic of research to facilitate negotiation process design and enhance over all outcomes. "Automated Negotiation" could be defined as a complex process by which two or more agents communicate and attempt to achieve a mutually acceptable agreement on some specific matter. Besides developing a bilateral "Automated Negotiation" model between agents within an incomplete information state, this book provides an architecture of such agents (“buyer” or “seller”). To do so, a new offer generation approach of three adaptive families of tactics has been proposed. Finally, with regard to “Big five” personality model and by...
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