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Development of a Landslide Hazard Assessment System   Devanjan Bhattacharya and Jayanta Kumar Ghosh

Development of a Landslide Hazard Assessment System

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Man has stood up to many challenges posed by nature over the ages and delved into the depths of the problems to analyse and solve them. It is in human nature to improvise and simplify. The basic philosophy of science and technology is to reduce complexities. Herein lay our motivation for developing a system which combines the fundamentals of the scientific techniques with the ease that is the hallmark of any automated technology. A simple automated information system, capable of addressing the information needs of a novice user looking up an issue, is of value and worth researching. And the issue that is at the centre of discussion in this work is automated landslide hazard zonation (LHZ). An approach comprising combination of existing techniques through an intelligent interface might just answer the queries in a simple way albeit with a tradeoff somewhere. Although it is not a replacement of advanced LHZ techniques in its present form, but is a viable alternative. The work sets out...
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