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Cyber operations - a permanent part of the global conflict   Mitko Bogdanoski,Aleksandar Risteski and Marjan Bogdanoski

Cyber operations - a permanent part of the global conflict

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is more than obvious that the way of conducting operations with the time are becoming more sophisticated. The cyber operations through the most severe threats known as cyber attacks and cyber terrorism are major challenges to the fast technology development. Potential targets are systems which control the nation’s defences and critical infrastructure. The terrorist of the future will win the wars without firing a shot - just by destroying infrastructure that significantly relies on information technology. The fast grown of the Internet users and Internet dependence dramatically increased the security risks, unless there are appropriate security measures to help prevention. This book helps to understand the cyber operations conducted by terrorist organizations looking at their background, and seeing how these organizations or individuals are using the advantage of the new technology. Furthermore, the book explains the measures governments and multinational organizations are taking...
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