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Cyclophenix: Inexpensive Protocol Supporting Resilient P2P Topologies   Pallavi Totlani

Cyclophenix: Inexpensive Protocol Supporting Resilient P2P Topologies

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Peer-to-Peer networks are usually unstructured network. An unstructured network is simply a network which does not have a specific layout. Anyone who joins it becomes an integral part of the network, and changes its topology. Anyone can walk off at any time; the network will eventually change, but without any fall out (ideally). Ideally, such networks should have a low diameter; offer a high degree of resilience against the dynamism of nodes, nodes failure and malicious actions with a purpose of distracting the network. Whereas, a structured network are predestined networks, having predefined connectivity among the nodes, in order to put forward an assurance between the source node and the destination node. Neither the structured nor the unstructured networks can simultaneously give both good performance and resilience in the network. A gossip based membership management protocol is described here. Our protocol constructs a graph that have low diameter, low clustering, highly...
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