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IT in Nepalese Banks   Ajit Regmi

IT in Nepalese Banks

120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The trend on use of Information technology in financial institutions is increasing. Nepalese banks have already implemented computerised system to better serve their customers. New products based on Information Technology are being introduced day by day. Mobile banking, internet banking, Automatic Teller Machine and plastic cards are being widely used as delivery channels by financial institutions to make their services easily accessible to the customers and the emergence of these new delivery channels is creating new demands on IT management. Unfortunately, very few academic literatures about the IT in banking industry of Nepal are available in the market. This book, therefore, provides lucid and concise guide for anyone seeking knowledge about IT implementation in Nepalese banks. This book is particularly beneficial to Scholars, IT Professionals and Bankers and can be a good reference for Students and Researchers conducting study on IT Implementation and Security Management in...
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