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Windows 8 For Dummies eLearning Course Access Code Card (6 Month Subscription)

2 страниц. 2013 год.
Whether youre new to PCs or just upgraded to the newest version of Microsofts operating system, this course will help you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 8. If youve never used Windows before, well start you at the beginning. If youre already familiar with earlier versions of Windows, you can speed through the basics to dive into Windows 8s new features and learn advanced techniques. The lessons cover: Logging on and navigating the Windows 8 interface How to launch and manage programs, organize files, and keep track of your libraries Using the new Metro apps Browsing techniques, and everything you ever wanted to know about e-mailing Setting up an admin account, performing routine maintenance, using parental controls, and staying safe on the Web Tips and tricks for troubleshooting disasters And more
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