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PCs For Dummies. Windows 7 Edition   Dan Gookin

PCs For Dummies. Windows 7 Edition

For Dummies Series
185x235 384 страниц. 2010 год.
Wiley Publishing, Inc
So you've become the proud parent of a PC with Windows 7? Congratulations! This book is the best friend you and your PC can have. Here's all the stuff you need to know, from turning the PC on and keeping your information safe to sharing photos and videos on the Internet, storing your files, and, most importantly, getting things done. Open the box-start at the beginning with a tour of the parts, setup instructions, and a guide to what goes where. Get graphical - explore the Windows interface and use the taskbar, Start menu, and Control Panel. It's the network - use networking hardware and software and set up a HomeGroup. The Internet-configure Windows to use it, choose an ISP, browse the Web, and make the most of e-mail. Dodging the evil ones - protect yourself with the Action Center and Internet Explorer's safety tools. Getting stuff done - install and upgrade software and manage files and folders.
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