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Writing Windows Wdm Device Drivers: Covers Nt 4, Win 98, and Win 2000   Chris Cant

Writing Windows Wdm Device Drivers: Covers Nt 4, Win 98, and Win 2000

Aimed at the more experienced Windows C/C++ programmer, Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers provides an up-to-the-minute guide to writing drivers that conform to the new Windows 2000 driver standard. This well-paced and informative guide offers numerous excellent tips, including how to design device drivers that fit your needs, and a good deal of material on how to test and debug driver code. Two standout sections help make this title successful. First the author describes the WDM model in detail and explains that it isn't always necessary to write your own custom device driver. (Author Chris Cant discusses when to consider off-the-shelf drivers or when to script standard drivers from Microsoft, instead of writing your own. If you do decide to go for a custom driver, Cant's simple generic drivers will help get you started.) The second strength of this book is its discussion of a variety of techniques for testing and debugging device drivers (traditionally, a tough nut to...
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