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COM Programming by Example: Using MFC, ActiveX, ATL, ADO, and COM+   John E. Swanke

COM Programming by Example: Using MFC, ActiveX, ATL, ADO, and COM+

358 страниц. 2000 год.
CMP Books
Implement client/server applications with ease with this example-oriented approach to the details and implementation of COM technology in network applications. If there was ever a subject that lent itself to examples, COM is it! None of the APIs, configuration files, classes, wizards, or helper applications of COM can stand alone 3/4 you need an example of how to use them together in order to know how to do anything. This book will do for COM what the author's recent MFC books have done to teach that technology. You get a quick but thorough overview of COM technology, and dozens of real-life examples that can be used to accomplish virtually all of the requirements of a COM project. COM Basics are addressed succinctly in the first three chapters. You will learn how to: Use the COM API to create a COM object; Prepare your DLL or EXE so the COM API can access the class objects inside; Exchange data with your COM objects by passing arguments in...
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