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Caravaggio: The Complete Works   Sebastian Schutze

Caravaggio: The Complete Works

280x380 306 страниц. 2015 год.
Caravaggio, or More Accurately Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, was Always a Name to be Reckoned with. Notorious Bad Boy of Italian Painting, the Artist was at Once Celebrated and Controversial: Violent in Temper, Precise in Technique, a Creative Master, and a man on the Run. This Work Offers a Comprehensive Reassessment of Caravaggio's Entire Oeuvre with a Catalogue Raisonn? of his Works. Each Painting is Reproduced in Large Format, with Recent, high Production Photography Allowing for Dramatic Close-ups with Caravaggio's Ingenious Details of Looks and Gestures. Five Introductory Chapters Analyze Caravaggio's Artistic Career from his Early Struggle to Make a Living, Through his First Public Commissions in Rome, and his Growing Celebrity Status. They Look at his Increasing Daring with Lighting and with a Boundary-Breaking Realism Which Allowed Even Biblical Events to Unfold with an Unprecedented Immediacy Before the Viewer. An Accompanying Artist Chronology Follows...
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