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Hisui Sugiura: A Pioneer of Japanese Graphic Design   Hisui Sugiura

Hisui Sugiura: A Pioneer of Japanese Graphic Design

180x255 224 страниц. 2014 год.
PIE Books
Hisui Sugiura is regarded as a pioneer and was definitely a key player of Japanese Commercial Art in the era of modernization. Although he originally studied Japanese-style painting at school, he changed his path to pursue a career as a designer because of great influences by Art Nouveau. Along with making a large number of cover designs for Mitsukoshi, a private magazine published by Mitsukoshi Department Store, he also took charge in Book Design, Poster Design and Graphic Pattern Design by adopting new trends of Wiener Secession and Art Deco. This book introduces most of the Mitsukoshi cover designs as well as his great works of pattern designs. Some of his botanical paintings, also renowned, are included as well. Readers can enjoy the beautiful art collection, and at the same time, should be impressed by the rich design resource of patterns and motifs.
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