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Mint.com for Dummies   Gail A. Perry, Matt Krantz

Mint.com for Dummies

For Dummies Series
190x235 360 страниц. 2011 год.
Wiley Publishing, Inc
Mint.com offers a tasty way to save money, shed debt, and stick to your budget - learn how! This isn't the kind of mint you put on a pillow; it's the kind that's full of money. Mint.com not only gives you sound financial advice but also shows you how to put that advice into practice. This book helps you make Mint.com work for you, whether you just opened your first savings account or are about to crack your retirement nest egg. Feel secure - learn about the security safeguards Mint.com offers and how to protect your information when accessing Mint.com away from home; Budgeting 101 - analyze income and expenses, create a budget you can live with, and be ready for emergencies; Looking ahead - monitor your net worth and plan for college, retirement, and other big expenses; Be loan wise - use Mint.com to monitor home and auto loans; Your investment advisor - track your stocks and mutual funds and let Mint.com help you find the investments that are right...
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