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Bradygames Signature Series Guide
205x275 224 страниц. 2015 год.
Brady Games
Turn your hunters into your prey with the "Evolve: Official Strategy Guide" from BradyGames. BradyGames reveals game-winning tactics and strategy in "Evolve: Official Strategy Guide" to provide the most exciting gameplay ever. Every aspect of the game is covered in detail including the groundbreaking multi-player mode that combines the very best aspects of competitive and cooperative Evolve gameplay, as well as the single-player campaign. Evolve's four hunters must face off against the Monster, play as one of the hunters battling the Monster or take on the animalistic abilities of the Monster to outsmart your human enemies. Every level, arena and map is broken down, with commentary for every weapon and item so gamers have all the guidance they need to exploit the environment and upgrades to their full advantage. In-depth analysis of all four Hunter classes, Trapper, Medic, Support and Assault help gamers turn the tables on these classes when playing as the Monster. With...
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