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Security Issues In AD-HOC And Infrastructure (WLAN) Networks   Rakesh Jha

Security Issues In AD-HOC And Infrastructure (WLAN) Networks

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Security has become a primary concern in order to provide protected communication in Wireless as well as wired environment. In my book we analyze the security issue in Ad-Hoc network as well as infrastructure Networks. Unlike the wire line networks, the unique characteristics of mobile ad hoc networks pose a number of nontrivial challenges to security design, such as open peer-to-peer network architecture, shared wireless medium, stringent resource constraints, and highly dynamic network topology. In this book the investigations have been carried out with the following main objectives: • To investigate the performance Comparison of Routing Protocols for Security Issue in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. • To demonstrate the Comparison of Intelligent Jamming in RF (Physical) Layer with WLAN Ethernet Router and WLAN Ethernet Bridge. • To investigate Security Comparison of Wired and Wireless Network with Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN).All the above work has been accepted...
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