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Development of Secure Domain Control Frame Work   Mohamed Geaiger

Development of Secure Domain Control Frame Work

224 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many Information Technology Departments in both large and small organizations use more than one operating system. Most of them use Microsoft windows server for domain control as centralized identity management. License cost and client access one of the major problems of Microsoft server. In addition to this durability and batches require a reboot which made additional problem to the service. This research use open-source software and non-commercial technologies in order to implement reliable solution which offers benefits of high availability. This book employed network of integrated (Light weight Directory Access Protocol LDAP as back end to centralized identity management, Samba as file and printer sharing, and Kerberos as authentication service). By developing secure domain control, the licensing costs and management overhead has been reduced, in addition to that security performance and scalability has been improved
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