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Relible Data Dissemination in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks   Devendra Prasad

Relible Data Dissemination in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The typical WSN is significantly resource constraint and often deployed in harsh or even hostile environments, resulting in SNs that are prone to failure and the wireless communication channel make WSNs susceptible to a variety of attacks. Failing nodes alter the topology of the network resulting in segmented routing paths and lost messages, ultimately reducing network efficiency. Thus it is required to develop energy efficient and Fault Tolerant algorithms that enable the network to persist in spite of the failed nodes. Cryptographically complex security solutions for WSNs are not viable for many reasons viz. the energy, memory, transmission range, wireless channel, the deployment nature of SNs and the need to keep costs low to enable dense deployment. Instead, WSNs need a balanced and comprehensive solution, which is efficient, effective and has low security and fault tolerance overheads. Keeping these factors in mind, few protocols/schemes have been developed and...
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