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Proposed Gateway Architecture for an E-Payment System   Ankush Khere,Mayur Patankar and Klesh Shrirame

Proposed Gateway Architecture for an E-Payment System

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book a brief overview of electronic Payment Gateway Architecture is provided. This book addresses the requirements for an electronic payment gateway from both the customers and the merchants' point of view. Most of the population doesn’t trust on the local existing online payment gateway because it is not very secure. Mostly people want to adopt electronic payment system as it has lots of advantages. They need such a gateway that fulfill their all requirements and provide security, privacy etc.On the basis of these requirements and the local infrastructure,we design and develop the Proposed Gateway Architecture for E-Payment System with multilevel packet Security. So that customer can trust on E-payment Gateway.This book describes the mode of operation of a broad range of e-payment systems available today in order to provide a comparative evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages. The analysis is presented in terms of the features of each system and discusses the...
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