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Security Solutions for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks   Iman Almomani

Security Solutions for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks

360 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The contributions of this research are threefold. Firstly, a new, specialised Architectural Framework for WMANETs (AF-WMANETs) has been built, independent of any existing network architectures. Secondly, based upon AF-WMANET and exploiting ITU-T X.800 and X.805, a technology-independent Security Architecture for WMANETs has been defined in order to detect, predict, and correct security vulnerabilities. Thirdly, a novel Security Mechanism for Managing the Digital Certificates in WMANETs is defined. Where WMANETs are operating in heterogeneous wireless environments, two algorithms called FM-WMANET and PM-WMANET are proposed for two possible scenarios. FM-WMANET and PM-WMANET algorithms are both evaluated using graph theory and NS-2 network simulator. The results of the two evaluation studies prove that both FM-WMANET and PM-WMANET are fully distributed security protocols that provide a high level of secure, available, scalable, flexible and efficient key management services for WMANETs....
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