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Theory of WiMAX   Shahadat Hossain

Theory of WiMAX

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
WiMAX technology is presently one of the most promising global telecommunication systems. Great hopes and important investments have been made for WiMAX, which is a Broadband Wireless Access. Most articles only talk about promises of WiMAX, some of its application and jargon of networking words with disparate descriptions without linking one process with others. This book, however, includes in detail description yet in comprehensive and step by step approach to illustrate the network principle of WiMAX. All the steps and processes are described with necessary image demonstration and with examples when necessary. Additionally, VoIP traffic scheduling in WiMAX is also discussed by comparing with different scheduling algorithms and their simulation results. This book not only describes the process of WiMAX network but also discusses with reasons behind those processes and message passing between BS and SS. As a result, this book will be useful for anyone who wants to...
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