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A Study Of Computer Networking At IOCL(AOD), Digboi(India)   Er. Surajit Borah

A Study Of Computer Networking At IOCL(AOD), Digboi(India)

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For the today’s world or for modern society networking is essential for developing and maintaining contacts and personal connections with various people who might be helpful for us and for our career. Especially it is important for career management in industries, firms etc. Networking is the best way to find job or internship. Throughout our life we shall make networking contacts that develop into relationships including friends, colleagues and professional prospects.This book introduces the basic ideas of network and networking. The book contains the various types of networks, devices used in networking, different types of networking protocols etc. The diagrammatic representations will help the readers for their better understandings. Hope this book will be beneficial for the beginners to networking and specially for the Computer Science/ IT students for their industrial training on computer networking in any organization.
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