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Design and Analysis of a Metropolitan Area Network   laith kadhim

Design and Analysis of a Metropolitan Area Network

172 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book concerned with design of a suitable packet switching MAN to interconnect twenty-six locations (nodes) with each other with high survivability and compare it with the circuit- switching network in term of throughput. These nodes have one or several Local Area Networks (LANs) connected to each node. Two network topologies have been proposed and designed. The first one has the minimum requirements design and used as a reference with which the second design will be compared to fined the performance difference. The second topology represents the final proposal. The two routing algorithms namely, (Link State Algorithm and Distance Vector Algorithm) have been studied and applied on the two proposal networks. The performances of these topologies have been analyzed through calculating many parameters under fault free and failure situations. Then these parameters have been compared. The parameters considered are: average link utilization factor, average node ...
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