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Automated Industrial Processes Control Via WIMAX   Ayesha Azam Bhatti

Automated Industrial Processes Control Via WIMAX

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I am proud to present my book which I believe will prove as a milestone in various engineering projects. My aim is to design and fabricate an industrial system communicating between two stations connected wirelessly via WiMAX. It covers all the technical details and focuses on its application in various industrial processes. WiMAX is an emerging technology which is gaining ground these days. The reason for publishing such a book is to cater for today’s growing needs of automation in industries. Monitoring instruments and sensors wirelessly is today’s demand. It decreases cabling costs and installation time and is ideal in electrically noisy or hostile environments. It can decrease human intervention by making the machinery automatic, save the operator from tedious job of continuous monitoring and avoid unauthorized usage hence increasing the accuracy and security of the system. It also covers the future applications of WiMAX e.g. Cellular networks, Broad-band access etc. I therefore...
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