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Video Compression:Novel and Efficient Fast Block Matching Algorithms   Amit Pandit

Video Compression:Novel and Efficient Fast Block Matching Algorithms

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this Book, the well-known techniques reducing temporal redundancies in images sequences have been discussed. The most widely used scheme is based on the estimation of motion and compensation with intra frame technique to code the prediction error is discussed in detail. The characteristics and main principles of various approaches are discussed along with advantage and disadvantages. Finally, block based motion estimation techniques that are the most widely used, have been viewed in details. Various industry standard full search and fast search block matching technique have been considered and discussed.The computational complexity and accuracy are the two extremes, so sub-optimal solutions are proposed. The reduction in processing time due to fast search schemes developed is equally supported by advancement in hardware available. In the text some fast novel Block matching algorithms are proposed for reduced complexity and computation as compared to existing and acceptable block...
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