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multinomial Distribution Based Model for controlling congestion   Olatayo Moses Olaniyan

multinomial Distribution Based Model for controlling congestion

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This thesis addresses the effect of congestion on different nodes by using both the network users and network packets flowing on the whole networks. As the Network expands in size, the number of current outages can also be expected to grow. Object oriented programming language (JAVA) was used to simulate the whole networks. It shows the level of congestion of each node and how to control the congestion levels using progress and comment bars. Chi square was also used as a mathematical tool to know the significance difference of the total number of users at any period of the time. Bell University Networks was used as a case study and the data was collected for high, medium and low periods respectively. The error range within which the model is likely to fall should be traced back to the data collected.
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