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Burgundy: Art, Architecture, Landscape   Ulrike Laule

Burgundy: Art, Architecture, Landscape

220x260 380 страниц. 2013 год.
HF Ullmann
La Bougogne - the name evokes art of international status, names of famous wines, and culinary pleasures. The reader learns about all the major monuments of which there are many: cathedrals and cloisters, castles and vineyards. We are taken by the hand and led step by step through the landscape and regional uniqueness of the four Burgundy dеpartements. For the first time, we learn about the region's rather obscure nobility which enhances the magic of the landscape, and - together with the presentation of often-visited famous sights - history comes alive. This is effectively a guide through 30,000 years of Burgundy's history. Beginning at the Neolithic era's mysterious meter-thick layers of horse bones, through Greek craftwork and Etruscan gold, then further on to the Cistercian cloisters and up to the present day. Burgundy is exciting!
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