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Assessment of Maintainability factor   P. Chitti Babu,S. Ramakrishna and K.C.K. Bharathi

Assessment of Maintainability factor

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The challenge of research in software quality is to provide tools and technology that will enable the software industry to deploy software products and services that are safe, dependable, and usable with in an economic framework. A number of studies have suggested that 50-60% of the effort involved in producing large software systems is devoted to quality assessment activities. The most immediately effective leverage is to be obtained simply by bringing previous research and current practice close together this challenge provided the motivation to take up this project. The current work involves a study of software quality factors and the development of a tool for assuring the maintainability factor of software developed using C++. It is hoped that, this took whom integrated into the development environment will be of great help to the developers to monitor their coding style and also to evolve a product of good maintainability. The analyses and design of the tool has been done...
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