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Masters' Interior Design I: Office Space

298 страниц. 2013 год.
The offices in this collection were designed to accommodate dozens of employees and countless visitors. The offices are introduced according to client needs, the ways those needs were resolved, how the plans evolved, and how functionality was optimized. Emphasis is given to spatial layouts. Included are brand new buildings, converted spaces, and renovated 19th century structures. Every aspect of each project - from wood flooring to carpeting, lighting fixtures, and custom furniture - conveys a cohesive theme. Special use areas, such as auditoriums and libraries, are included. Sprawling, campus-like offices, such as the LHI Headquarters near Munich, take into account the entire landscape design. Innovation is the unifying element of all these office spaces. Included are projects from the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, and China.
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