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Quality Assurance Web Based Application, Including Data Mining   Arben Hajra

Quality Assurance Web Based Application, Including Data Mining

176 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The quality is a value which is very difficult to be measured and especially for the purpose of producing and interpreting the outcome of the same. There is always a possibility for subjectivity, which makes it very complex and undetermined at the same time. However, the nature of the human and his selective role in the society has a natural ability to select and to have the best. In general, this work is consisted of three main areas. The first one is designing a model for performing a quality assurance in universities where the student will be a direct actor in the evaluation process. Based on the analyses and conclusions from the first part, a tool is needed to be designed which will be used for performing different questionnaires and for collecting different data. The last part presents an epilogue of the overall process. This part is about data analyses, data mining and report generation. Where necessary data are collected from previously performed evaluation, the process...
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